About Us

About Us




The decade-long dream of Abu Huraira Center (AHC) began as an aspiration on the part of a few in a small space above a convenience store. The core motivation of this project was troubled youth, youth without any Islamic recreational outlet, and a community that was dispersed and disconnected. After realizing the substantial increase of the Muslim population in Toronto, we understood the urgency for an all-round Islamic community center.

We visualized a center where we could provide extra-curricular activities tailored to the needs of our youth, furthermore, a center which would house our conferences and community events.
The center we dreamed of would not only encompass a place of prayer, but also a place where we could prepare the next generation of Muslims for the best of this world and the next.
As the center continued to expand in growth, a new location was sought to satisfy the wishes of the ever-growing community. Now with 1.56 acres of land and 25,000 sq, the center is host to a wide variety of activities such as several weekly lectures in multiple languages, yearly conferences and a Friday sermons. With an already formed community base, AHC became one of the largest gathering areas for Muslims in Toronto within a short period of time.


Mission Statement


The AHC is a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing the concerns of Muslims within our community. We strive to put the wishes of our community first and use our programs to build stronger, efficient, and more resourceful community networks capable of organizing volunteers to address local needs.




We will work to build a community and a future where Muslims of all ages can learn and practice the fundamentals of Islam. We will achieve this by:

  • Improving and elevating the Islamic standards of Muslims in Canada.
  • Strengthening accessibility of Muslim community services and resources so its members can manage their affairs internally, without significant outside involvement.
  • Educating the community on the rudiments of Islam.
  • Providing an exemplary example of leadership for the Muslims and subsequently, helping to create the strong leaders for generations to come.



Our vision is greater than just building without a spirit, but to fill the center with people from every race and every ethnic group. The central foundations of AHC have been established however it is evolving as it is catering to the growth of the Muslim community. As Abu Huraira Center continues to expand we look forward to a center that will include a prayer hall, a school, a gymnasium, Youth Center, a multi media (Studio) and IT department, administration offices, a multipurpose hall, and much more, In sh allah.


Our Values

  • Fostering the fundamental principles and values of Islam in the community members
  • Familiarizing the community with the Quranic and Prophetic principles and guidance.
  • Striving to deliver innovative and accessible services and programs.
  • Working in collaboration with the community and other community organizations.

Our community is an integral part in achieving our goals and aspirations, and they are central part of our development process which we will achieve with the help of Allah​