Program Description

This is a program aimed at providing Islamic education at a highly structured and organized manner. The aim of the program in a nut shell is to provide a complete understanding of core elements of Islam, in order to present a solid base within two years period. In addition to providing this solid Islamic base for those individuals interesting this program aims at providing them the opportunity to further their Islamic education in understanding more complex subject manner.

Delivery Method

In order to maintain a high level of structure and organization this program will be presented in the form of courses. The duration of each course will be three months and will be conducted on a weekly base with the option of taking multiple courses together. Each course will structured with a mid-term and an exam at the end of the course with other assessments throughout the three month semester. There will be a high level of interaction between the instructor and pupils as classes will be limited to 50 students. All of the instructors of this program are qualified and accredited from renowned Islamic institutes.

Intended Audience

There is a minimum educational level of grade eleven for acceptance denver broncos Jerseys china into the program in order to maintain a higher degree of competency. This program will provide individuals who wanted to further denver broncos Jerseys 2017 their Islamic education an opportunity to do so regardless of whether they are working or attending university as the scheduling will aim to accommodate most schedules. In all, this program will aim to afford many the opportunity to learn Islam.

Course Description

The main goal of these courses is to give students a reliable introduction to the fundamental concepts which form the foundations of the main fields of Islamic knowledge. These courses covers all the essential principles of our deen that a Muslim is required to know and practice – from the categories of Aqeedah, Fiqh, Hadith, Seerah, History, Quran, Arabic and more.

Major Instructional Goals

These Courses are intended to:

  1. Awaken in students a consciousness (Taqwa) and love of Allah and His Messenger as the foundation of their intellectual, emotional and spiritual life, thereby providing a sound basis for rational and reflective understanding of the people and world around them.
  2. Teach students to be conscious of their responsibility to obey Allah, serving Him actively as trustees with all the talents and resources He has given them.
  3. Enable students to fulfill their obligation to worship Allah in the manner He and His Messenger have prescribed.
  4. Nurture the student’s personality towards the best moral and social conduct.
  5. Develop responsible citizens, who will contribute to the well-being of our Umma and of humanity in general.
  6. Introduce students to the Fundamental teachings of Islam and to the ways in which this is reflected in experiences and practices.
  7. Encourage students to reflect on contemporary issues and act thereon in the light of the Qur’aan and Sunnah.


Courses start at only $60 up to $80 with discounts available for certain courses for students and multiple courses.  If you are enrolling in peyton manning denver broncos Jersey more than 2 courses, please contact the office for potential additional discounts.