The Kindergarten curriculum focuses on cheap womens new york giants Jerseys personal Wholesale New York Giants Jerseys and social development, language, mathematics and geometry, science, art, physical education, and Islamic Studies. Junior and senior kindergarten students will learn and develop their language and literacy skills through reading, writing, storytelling, and following instructions. Through various activities and group play, they will improve their personal and social development. To encourage early numeracy development, we encourage learning through the framework of real life contexts. For example, students learn math and science in relation to their curiosity of the natural world and problem solving.

To explore their creative side, students will express themselves in different art forms. Art stimulates learning. It plays an important role in the cognitive, motor, language, social, and emotional development of young children. In health and physical education, students will begin to learn about healthy eating and will participate in daily physical activity.The grade 1 curriculum includes learning about practical life skills, mathematics and geometry, science and technology, language studies, art, history and geography, health and physical education, and Islamic Studies.

For Math, students will work on number sense and numeration through counting, representing money, addition and subtraction. In measurement, they will measure using non-standard units, start to tell time, and compare object using measurable and non-measurable units. In geometry, they will recognize symmetry, sort and classify two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes. In science, students will begin to understand life systems, structures and mechanisms. They will be introduced to matter and energy, as well as earth and space systems. For language studies, students will read age appropriate books, gather and organize ideas to write for a purpose, learn to draft and revise work, improve their vocabulary. They  will be encouraged to communicate often to strengthen their abilities to listen and speaking art, students will learn through creating and presenting different art forms (drama, visual arts, etc.), as wells as reflecting on their work. Students will begin to learn about the history and geography of Canada. new york giants Jersey 4t In health and physical education, students will begin to learn about healthy eating and will participate in daily physical activity.

It is upmost importance to build a strong Islamic foundation while children are young. They will be taught the pillars of Islam and the pillars of Eaman. They will learn and memorize short surahs and daily duas. Student will learn how to perform wudu and Salah. They will also learn different stories from the Quran.

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