Hajj Package Details:

  • Round Trip from Toronto To Jeddah to Madinah to Toronto Provided.
  • 3 Days in Zamzam Pullman Hotel in Madinah (5 Stars with Breakfast, and Dinner included) or similar
  • 8 Days in Darul Ghufran Hotel (5 Star With Breakfast, and Dinner included)
  • Private A/C Bus provided from (Mecca to Madinah)
  • Hajj Building 5 Days- With Breakfast, and Dinner included – Unlimited Access
  • Religious Guidance 
  • Full round transportation including sightseeing in Medina only
  • Upgraded Mina tents with Gypsy Walls in the North American Section
  • Abadir Travel complementary Hajj Kit- Bag, Ihram, Travel Luggage sleeves, Prayer mates, etc
  • Free 5L Zamzam
  • Qurbani $450 and Hajj Draft $150 not included

Cost: $10900 (Qurbani and Hajj draft included)

Additional Services Not Included:

  • Sacrifice (Qurbani) Service: Each Haji performing Hajj Tamattu’ MUST sacrifice an animal “Qurbani”. Abadir Travel collects the sacrifice cost in Canada, and arrange for the sacrifices of the full group in Saudi Arabia.

*Price Per Person: $150 CAD ( Included in select 5 star packages)

  • Mutawif Fees (previously known as Hajj Draft) Service: Each Haji enters Saudi Arabia for the propose of Hajj MUST pay a Mutaawif fee. This fee is an amount enforced by the Ministry of Hajj on each Haji to be used for the maintenance of both Harms(masjids), Mena, Arafat, and Transportation.

*Price Per Person for Adults 16 Years or older: $450 CAD. Price Per Person for Children between the age of 7 and 15 years: $230 CAD. Children younger than 7 Years are EXEMPT from paying Hajj Mutaawif Fee

  • Flying from any International Airport other than Toronto’s Person Airport (YYZ) Add On: Our package price is based on flying out of Toronto and return back to Toronto. For our Valued Hajis living in Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal, Manitoba or West Canada and wish to fly out of the closest international airport to them, we offer a reasonable Add on from any of the following International airports. This fee will be Mandatory on top of the package price.

*Price Per Person Traveling out of Manitoba, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, or Edmonton: $600 CAD

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