Itikaf Registration Form

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Please note that under 18 must be accompanied by guardian over 25 who also performing itikaf  


  1. To Keep My Personal Belongings And Bedding Within The “Designated Itikaf Area”  In The Prayer Hall.
  2. Abu Huraira Center is Not liable for any loss or Damage of any property
  3. That Eating And Or Drinking (Including Snacks) Is "Strictly Prohibited" In The Prayer Hall And Designated Itikaf Area.
  4. The Iftaar And Sahoor (Including Snacks) Must Be Consumed In The Designated Eating Area.
  5. I Will Observe Islamic Ethics Of Cleanliness In The Masjid At All Times.
  6. I Will Help Out With General Cleaning Of The Masjid
  7. I Will Show Respect and Co-Operate with the Staff and volunteers Of Abu Huraira Center.


  • All members in the I’tikaf program must be registered
  • The Masjid will consist of assigned numbers in different parts of the prayer hall therefore members must sleep in the numbers assigned to them
  • Participants cannot make their own tents
  • No one under the age of 18 is allowed to be in the I’tikaf program
  • However anyone 18 and up can register themselves as a guardian for 1 underage person wishing to be a part of the I’tikaf program
  • Each person over the age of 18 can only be a guardian to one person
  • Anyone who has registered themselves as a guardian for anyone underage must know that if any one of you has brakes a rule or causes a disturbance, the both of you will be removed from the I’tikaf Program
  • Zero tolerance for noise pollution
  • No chit chat or talking during sleep and prayer times
  • If you leave the Masjid your area will not be saved for you, if you are in and out of any reason your area will not be saved for you
  • There will be no waiting in between Isha and Fajr, this means people who have not registered in the I’tikaf program cannot loiter around the Masjid in between those times
  • We do allow exceptions for people who come for Tarweeh and stay until Fajr
  • I’tikaf members must help to keep the masjid clean, maintenance and tidiness of the mosque is on the shoulders of the members
  • Members should be aware various roles will be given out (Cleaning, vacuuming etc.)  

By submitting this form I am releasing the Abu Huraira Center and all Staff, Volunteers and associates from responsibility of any injury or damages that might occur. I hereby authorize Abu Huraira Center staff to act for ME according to their judgment in any emergency requiring medical attention and I hereby waive and release the Abu Huraira Center Staff and its Volunteers from any and all liability stemming from any injuries or illnesses incurred while My participating in any Activity. I have no knowledge of any physical impairment which would be affected by participation or Stay at Abu Huraira Center. I agree to pay for all damages to the facilities of Abu Huraira Center caused by my negligent, reckless, or willful actions.

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