2015 – 2016   |   Weekend Islamic School

Insha’Allah, a defining foundation for the early years and beyond


Weekend school will be open on: Oct 10& 11, 2015 




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  • To provide an environment where students can:
    • Develop moral and spiritual values consistent with the Quran and Sunnah upon the understanding of the Sahaabah (Radiya-Allahu A’nhum)  on which Masjid Abu Huraira was founded, affirming the worth and dignity of each individual. 
    • Develop intellectual, academic and physical potential to the fullest degree, preparing them for higher education and for challenges facing them now and in the future. 
    • Develop and enhance creativity and appreciation of the guidance Allah has bestowed upon us. 
  1. Cultivate an enlightened, dynamic and attentive learning environment in which each student is given the opportunities and encouragement to reach their potential.