Gaza Appeal
Make your Zakat-al-Fitr count this Ramadan!
stand with Gaza
The Palestinian people of Gaza have recently been facing violence, demolition of homes, mosques, and schools. With an aching heart the Abu Huraira Center (AHC) has partnered with Human Concern International to bring aid to Gaza's people amid crisis. During this holy month, this partnership is a testament to compassion, aiming to ease the challenges of those fasting. Our support transcends sustenance, fostering a spirit of resilience and hope. Stand with us in solidarity as we strive to bring comfort and a path towards enduring peace for Gaza.
Sadaqah During Ramadan
Ramadan in Gaza carries a different weight this year amidst the crisis. The Messenger was asked which charity is best? He said: "Charity in Ramadan." Sponsoring Iftar is not just about offering food; it's about opening our hearts to the families who gather with hope in their eyes as the sun sets. With Ramadan coming to an end Make your Zakat-al-Fitr count! Each meal we provide is a bridge of compassion, a moment of togetherness amidst the trials, reaffirming our shared humanity.